Yuliya Rubtsova, Ph.D
Product Manager | Mentor | Сonsultant | Data Scientist
Hello, I am
I have over 8 years of experience in product management, with a background in data science, product marketing, and the full product life cycle. My unique blend of business and academic experience allows me to create products that meet and exceed business goals.

What I do

Building data science products for humans
  • Product manager
    Ensure that the product meets customer needs and achieves business goals
  • Business Developer
    Identifying and developing new business opportunities for an organization
  • Product Strategy
    Defining a product's vision, goals, and roadmap to ensure successful development and market success
  • Team Leadership
    Culture, Vision, Coaching
  • NLP & Python
    Develop applications and demos to show the potential of data science, verify hypotheses and validate a concept
  • Mentoring
    It is a relationship where I help to guide the mentee by sharing knowledge, experience, and support
Selected projects

I have developed and improved products at different stages, from conceptualizing a machine learning product to optimizing the experience for millions of users and bringing products to new markets.

I have great vision and broad T-shape expertise due to my experience with various industry verticals.

  • EdTech application
    AI-powered reading tutor for children

  • Educational events
    Recommender system for social, educational events and MOOC courses
  • Logistics Company
    Price Forecasting and Margin Optimization
  • Automated UGC moderation
    Multi-label Text Classification

  • FinTech company
    Brought financial services to new markets
  • Media portal
    Consulting, Business Intelligence

Work experience for the last eight years

Lead Product Manager,

Data Monsters


• Report to CEO & managing partners;

• Oversaw product development from start to finish, ensuring that all stakeholders and cross-functional teams were kept informed;

• Clarified business requirements and led strategic Release Planning and tactical Iteration Planning sessions;

• Held daily stand-ups, facilitated reviews, retrospectives, and planning;

• Developed roadmaps for all teams and projects to reach predictive velocities;

• Additionally, I built an agile development process for data scientists;

• Budgeting and allocating resources to a project;

• Provided mentorship to team members.


• I led nine data science projects from various industries: EdTech, recommendation systems for offline events and MOOCs, predictive analytics for logistics, industrial production optimization, and prohibited content search and classification;

• ML project management methodology formed;

• Raised two people from trainee level to senior and one person to middle data scientists;

Postdoctoral researcher,
Universität Bonn
• Management of a European project within the grant obligations;
• Worked on predictive analytics for time series and data generation algorithms.
• Foundation research on representation, enrichment, and analysis of spatial-temporal data using machine learning methods, semantic technologies, and natural language processing;
• Guide three Ph.D. students' work;
• Integration of research results into the project prototypes and timely delivery;
• Support teaching activities in the courses in Data Science and Information Retrieval.

Head of marketing & product,



• Report to CEO & business owner;

• remote team management;

• coordinate the full product-development lifecycle;

• new features development and improvement of existing ones according to business needs;

• developed product strategy (mission, strategic direction of development, market niches and client strategy);

• tactics worked out (metrics, roadmap).


• I set up a system to handle churn rate, retention, and unplanned retention expenses. So the cost per client acquisition was lowered by 30%;

• brought the product to several Asian markets, thereby increasing the company's income by 12% in 20 months;

• Suggested optimization of employee reporting resulted in a 10% increase in workers’ productivity.

Yuliya was born and raised in Akademgorodok, a unique place near Novosibirsk in Siberia. It is renowned for its numerous research institutes, making it one of the country's most important scientific and educational centers. After receiving a Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Informatics from one of the best universities, Yuliya began her career as a Marketing product manager and Analyst.

However, she soon sought more challenging tasks and pursued a Ph.D. in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. She is now one of the top 10 NLP researchers in Russia, according to the AI almanac published by MIPT.

For the past 8 years, she has been responsible for launching, growing, and developing IT products, including complex, knowledge-intensive products that use Data Science and Machine Learning technologies.

She is also a co-author and co-host of the LeanDS course on a data science project and product management.

She is able to deal with people from diverse scientific, commercial, and professional disciplines. Dynamic, data-driven, and customer-oriented leader with deep skills in management, monetization, analytics, and Data Science.

By interacting with different departments, she helps businesses optimize processes and find areas that can be optimized and improved with the help of ML.

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